Telescopic Boom Crawler Crane

Telescopic crawler cranes are designed for quick and safer set up without the need of setting up the outriggers and mats, maximum pick and carry capacity at 360 degrees slew conditions, more compact work dimension and lower bearing pressure. Having the hydraulic boom in lieu of lattice boom, telescopic crawler crane offer lesser transportation costs.
Model Crane Capacity Boom Length Spec sheet Brochure
GTC-1200 120t x 3.0m 12.8m - 47.2m GTC-1200_S_G.pdf
GTC-800 80t x 3.0m 11.5m - 43.0m GTC-800_S_G.pdf
GTC-600 60t x 3.0m 11.5m - 38.0m   GTC-800_600_B_G.pdf
GTC-350 35t x 3.5m 10.9m - 27.2m GTC-350_S_G.pdf

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